Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Cards for Cole

For those of you who are not members or regular followers of my PCP, you may not know about Cole Sydnor, one of Zach's lacrosse teammates.  Last Thursday, Cole and some of his friends were swimming in the James River here in Richmond, Virginia.  Cole, dove into the river and hit his head on a rock.  He fractured his spinal cord.  The Lord was truly watching over him, as his friends quickly noticed that he had been injured and got him out of the river.  Unfortunately, the injury was very severe and Cole is now paralyzed from the chest down.  It is such a tragedy!  I have not been really able to function normally since.  It just upsets me so.  You hate to hear of this happening to anyone, but it is going to be such a hard road for this 16 year old.
Zach is handling it well and will soon be able to visit.  He had planned on going yesterday, but it just wasn't possible. . . .but for a VERY GOOD reason.  Cole had his breathing tube removed.  Praise God for that.  Also, his mother, and I don't blame her, is limiting his visits as they don't want him to get too worn out.  I know Kelly, and she certainly is a good watch dog to have around!  

I am asking that you pray for Cole and the family and pray that as he heals, more feeling and movement will return.  What I would like to ask, and this would mean so much to the family, is if you could possibly make a card for Cole.  I do not know his room number so what I am asking, is if you would send them to me and then I will take them to the family when I visit.  He has had a lot of friends and family visiting right now, so I am going to wait a while before I actually go.  He needs his friends around him, so I will gladly wait my turn.
Please send all cards to:
Cheryl Alger
9413 Hope Glen Court
Mechanicsville, VA  23116

For anyone who would like to follow Cole's status and updates by his family, you may do so by going to and entering colesydnor in your search.  You will have to sign up for an account to follow for security purposes.


  1. oh my! how tragic! I'll certainly keep Cole and his family in my prayers, and Zach too...

  2. thanks for posting this, Cheryl! have already written down your addy and will get started on some cards to send. continuing with the prayers.

  3. Prayers going out to Cole and his family. Such a terrible thing to have to go through. God bless them ~jeni :)

  4. Certainely will pray for Cole & send card, my best friend's husband is in UVA, hospice Unit, just waiting, brain hem., can't operate. She's a couple mnths., younger than myself. Love ya,Shelby G.

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  6. Will certainly keep him and his family including Zach in my prayers. I will get a card out to you too!

  7. I will keep all of you in my prayers. I know this is a really hard thing to deal with. God will walk with you every step of the way.

  8. Every parents worst nightmare! Keeping the family and Cole in my prayers. Special thoughts to Zach too. Card on the way!