Thursday, October 20, 2011

Polly & Sally. . .

Polly is a Perfect Little Angel. . . . available as a Digi Stamp or Colored Illustration.

AND. . . 

Sassy Sally & Her Perfect Teddy Bear Gift. . . .available as a Digi Stamp or Colored Illustration.


  1. You're killin' me, Cheryl!! must go shopping! hehehe!! Pat Frank

  2. I told you to stop. You are making me crazy, I want every single one of your new sweeties. Not only will it cost me my roof budget, but I will have to give up sleeping to make them all!!

    Just Kidding, you know I LOVE LOVE LOVE everyone of them! :)

  3. Oh nooooooo!! Cheryl these are all just gorgeous and had to go on a shopping spree over at the store :) All's I can say is thank goodness to the B2G1 lol, thank you so much for such delightful images. xx