Saturday, April 14, 2012

$2 Digis and fun new Characters!

Happy Saturday everyone.  Hope you're all having a great weekend.  Today and tomorrow only, April 14th & 15th, you may purchase Sassy Sally and Her Raggedy Ann and/or Sassy Sally Reads to Teddy for just $2.  Grab one or both.  The sale will end at 10 PM EST on Sunday evening. So go and grab them.

I've also been super busy reorganizing the Sassy Cheryl's Digis Shop and moving things around.  If you pop over to the shop, you'll notice that just about everything that is NOT character related have been moved to the $2 Bargin Bin.  I'm ready for new and exciting images and I'm sure you are as well.  You'd better grab them too, because they will be leaving the shop soon.  

And by request, I've started adding some new characters to the shop.  Just this week, I introduced you to Charlotte, aka, Charlie.  She's a feisty little red haired tomboy who HATES anything related to being a girl.  

And then there is Avery.  She's a sweet little thing.  Blonde hair, blue eyes and definitely ALL girl.  Oh, and just to let you know, Avery has a twin sister, Samantha, aka Sam.  Sam is the TOTAL opposite of Avery.  They may be twins, but they are nothing alike.  Look for her in the shop soon too.

I hope that you all will fall in love with these sweet and mischievous characters as I bring them to life for you.  

And one last thing.  Callie, Noah and Sally have all received their diplomas and Polly will be following them soon, so be sure to check them out while you're in the shop as well.

Have a great Saturday and please let me know if you have any suggestions about what you'd like to see these new gals doing.  You may either leave suggestions here in the comments or simply email me.
Chat soon and enjoy your day.


  1. Oh my gosh Cheryl I LOVE these new images!!! Charlie and her Red hair just reminds me sooooooo much of my youngest! absolutely LOVE her. Thanks muchly Joey x

  2. They are all so fab Cheryl! I love Charlie - such a cool gal and Avery looks so innocent and sweet!