Friday, August 1, 2014

Weekend Sale.....and BRAND NEW!

Good morning all my sassy friends. Can you believe that we are already into August. WOW....How did that happen? Before you know it, we'll be breaking out the Christmas decorations and shoveling snow. It will be here before you know enjoy this warm day. :)
I have TWO brand new images for you this weekend. Sally and Noah are on the local swim team and it looks like they are both doing VERY well! Each won a medal in this past weeks meet.
Both images were done by request, so if you have a request....please just let me know.
Water is My Home and Swimming Makes You Free are both discounted this weekend for the Sassy Cheryl's Stamps Sale. So scoop them up, pull out your Copics, watercolors or your favorite medium and have some fun coloring.

The sale will run through 9 PM EST, Sunday, AUGUST 3RD, so you'd better hurry.

Happy Friday, Happy shopping, Happy coloring and have a fabulous weekend!!!


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