Friday, April 11, 2014

Hold that pose. . . .and MORE!

Hip, hip hooray. . .it's FRIDAY!!! Phew. . .thank goodness.  It's been a LONG week. Enjoyable and very productive, but LONG!
I'm gonna keep it really short this week.  You have enough to do and if you're like me, you like to 'keep it simple'. So.....let's get to the good stuff! What's NEW and ON SALE!
As I'm sure a lot of you have noticed, I've been revamping the shop and the Sassy Kids and I hope you're loving all the changes as much as me!  Charlie is back!  Yippee!  I know, right?! Everybody LOVES Charlie.  And she's brought along her older brother'll LOVE him!  Trust me.  Another fiery carrot top!
So, keep reading and be sure to check out ALL the new stuff and the updated characters. I promise you, you won't be disappointed.

For all you bird lovers. . . .
Digital Stamp-$4 $2
Colored Illustration-$6 $4

While you're over browsing in the Sassy Cheryl's Stamps shop, be sure to check out ALL the new images under the BRAND NEW section as there are six new ones that were added just this week, if you count the Sally & Noah Soccer set!. Also, I have added an On Sale section as well.  I will be adding discounted items here throughout the week. So you'd better grab them while they're on sale.

Digital Stamp $6 $5
Colored Illustration $10 $8
You can save, by purchasing both images as the set!

This Princess Wears Cleats-I know she isn't wearing cleats, I just like the name :)
Digital Stamp Set $3
Colored Illustration $5

Digital Stamp Set $3
Colored Illustration $5

As always, the sale will end at 9 PM EST, Sunday, April 13th. So pop on over this weekend, when you're not out enjoying this amazing weather and grab yourself something fun. There is plenty to choose from.....
Please let me know if you have any questions.. Happy shopping and happy coloring!

Be sure to follow me on Facebook or my daily blog to see what is on sale during the week and keep up to date on all new 'going's on'.  You won't want to miss out! Also, be sure to check out all the videos and tutorials on my YouTube channel.  I'd love to hear from you.'
So, until next week.  Happy shopping, happy coloring and have a fabulous weekend!


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