Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy 4th Sale at Sassy Cheryl's Stamps

Happy FRIDAY...
Thank goodness, right!
Happy, Happy Friday. And HAPPY 4th to all my friends in the USA!  I hope that you all are off to a great start to your weekend.  I'm just about ready to head to my sisters for a BBQ.  Good food, good conversation and a mini vacation.  Even if it's just for a day.  I love the city, but it's nice to get back to my country roots and enjoy the mountains and the beautiful countryside.  I can't wait.  I hope you have something fun planned for the weekend, regardless of where you may be.
So....let's get to the fun stuff.....What's new and on sale this weekend at Sassy Cheryl's.
First up.  What's new......Well, all you have to do, is just keep scrolling to see, but before you do, let me tell you about the sale.....
What's on sale?  EVERYTHING!  This weekend, Sassy Cheryl's Stamps is giving you
30% OFF
Your entire order.
Just enter 4SCS
to receive the discount.


Well, in case you haven't heard, Sassy Cheryl's has a BRAND new place to hang out....  On Facebook!!!! And you're gonna LOVE it! We are having a TOTAL blast over there and you seriously want to join in.  It's a great way to interact with others that love the Sassy Cheryl's Stamps.  So, please stop by.  We'd LOVE to have you!


Well, this ain't good. Sally is trying to earn money to pay her way to summer camp, so she has put together a lemonade stand. Between Bella drinking it all & Noah trying to steal the lemonade pitcher, I don't think Sally is going to make out very well. What do you think?! 

Brand New!!!!!

Ever have that just one special friend that you knew would always be there for you? Well, Joey & Annabelle know that kind of friendship, because they share a very special bond. They are sisters!

Brand New!!!!!

Joey & Annabelle are simply adorable. Sisters & friends, they share everything. I wonder what they have up their sleeve? Or perhaps they are just sharing a fond memory. We may never know.

No minimum.  Order as little or as much as you want.  You decide.  But you still get the 30% OFF!  So enjoy!!!!

And because of the holiday, I'm running the sale until 9 PM EST, Monday, July 7th, to give you all plenty of time to enjoy your weekend and still shop. But, you'd still better hurry. 

Please let me know if you should have any questions.  I'll be happy to assist you.


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