Friday, July 18, 2014

New....and ON SALE!

Happy Friday my sassy friends. And what a good Friday it is. With the humidity down, we are finally enjoying some 'normal' summer weather here in Virginia and I have to say, I am loving it.  I hope that you have something fun planned for the weekend. Or perhaps you may just want to relax. Well that's ok. You choose your guilty pleasure. But while you're out having fun or relaxing, don't forget to pop over and grab one or both of the new images that are on sale this weekend at Sassy Cheryl's Stamps.

I finished these up late yesterday, and they are keepers for sure. I really do love them both.  You seriously can't go wrong with either.

Both are discounted $2 off the regular price for the weekend. Available as either a digital stamp or colored image. So, pop on over and grab something fun to color. 
Brand NEW!!!

How's about a Hug
Digital Stamp $3
Colored Image $5

Awww. Don't you just LOVE a sincere hug?! Noah is being a great friend and a wonderful wealth of comfort. There for everyone, regardless of their size or age!

Brand NEW!!!

Digital Stamp $3
Colored Image $5

Besties Sally & Noah are trying to get in shape! They are going to summer camp in about a week and they want to be able to compete with rest of the kids, so they are doing a little strength training. I wonder who is getting the most benefit! 
And if you haven't popped over and joined in the Sassy Cheryl's Neighborhood FB fun, pop on over.  It's about having fun, giveaways, SPECIAL discounts and getting to know fellow Sassy Cheryl's Stamps lovers. We'd love to have be sure to pop over and join in the fun! We will even help you move.  LOL

As always, the sale will run through 9 PM EST, Sunday, July 20th.

Have a great weekend.  Happy shopping....and HAPPY COLORING!
See ya next week.


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