Friday, October 4, 2013

New. . .AND on Sale! It's all about SNOWMEN!

Happy Friday!  Are ya ready for the weekend?  I know I certainly am.  Been a busy week here!  I hope that you are having a fantastic week and that you are enjoying something fun and relaxing.  

I've had many requests for more snowmen and since winter and the Christmas season are approaching, I thought that it was time to get busy!  So this week, I have a brand new image, Admiring the Star.  Ain't he a peach!  He knows the real reason for the Season!!!!  Both this image as well as two additional snowmen are on sale this weekend.

Digital Stamp $3 $2
Colored Illustration $5 $4

Digital Stamp $3 $2
Colored Illustration $5 $4

Digital Stamp $3 $2
Colored Illustration $5 $4

 All three are available as a digital stamp image as well as a Colored illustration.  So, enjoy!!!!  I'm ready for some Christmas, winter cheer!  Aren't you?

As always, the sale will run through the weekend and will end at 9 PM EST, Sunday, October 6th.

Please let me know if you have any questions, happy shopping and happy coloring!

Have a great week. . .and I'll see you on Friday!!


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