Friday, May 31, 2013

Hop, Skip & a Jump, Sale!

What's on Sale this weekend!

Max & Maddie!

Happy Friday.  Can you believe it's Friday again already?!  I mean, seriously, where did the time go?  I'd like to know, because I'd like to get some of it back.
I hope that for those of you who celebrated the Memorial Day holiday, had a fun and fabulous time.  It was quiet around here, which I didn't mind at all.  It marks the official beginning of summer and the end of school, which I know will thrill the kids, but not so much some of the parents.  :)  Summer, for school aged parents is kind of a love/hate relationship.  I know. I was once there myself.  :)  Seriously though, I hope that you all had a fab weekend and you got that extra day on Monday as well.

Now. . .let's get to the fun stuff.  What's on sale this week at Sassy Cheryl's Stamps?  Well, if you've been following my blog, you know that I've been busy adding several new images to the shop.  This week, I have two adorable sweeties for you to choose from.  Max & Maddie jumping rope.  And you know summer is a perfect time to do that!  I used to LOVE having jump rope contests with my sister when I was a kid.  I was very, very competitive.
I'm trying to add 'generic', fun, spring, summer stuff that can be used for all occasions.  I've added several, just this past week, so be sure to check in the NEW! section to check them out.  I just added Max & Maddie 'ripping' it on their skateboards.  Those two are quit the pair .  I think they must have some kind of sibling rivalry going on.  At least that's my bet.  Either way, they sure are cute, even if I did draw them. You all seem to LOVE Max & Maddie, but I promise you, Sally & Noah are being sketched as well.  Look for some new ones in the store next week.

So, as always, the sale will run through 9 PM EST, Sunday (June 1st), so be sure to grab one or both of the images that are one sale.  And pick up a few of the Oldies but Goodies too. . .!  Three images for $4.  You can't beat that.
Until next week.  Happy shopping, happy coloring and have a FAB weekend!


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