Friday, April 12, 2013

Discount Digi Weekend & Rubber Stamps

Hope that everyone is having a fabulous week!  The weather here in Virginia has been more like summer than spring, but I'll take it ANY day over the cold weather.  Have had the top down on my Mini Cooper when I've been out doing my errands.  Bella LOVES having her hair blowing in the breeze.  She is like her momma.  Doesn't care if her hair gets messed up. Ok, that's enough about that. . . .on to the fun stuff.

Guess what!  By the end of TODAY the first two batches of rubber stamps, True Friendship and Patience Secret will be in my grubby little hands.  Can I just tell you that I'm super excited about this!  I'm really looking forward to getting these boxed up for the wholesale buyers and for all of you patiently waiting in the US for yours.  Don't worry, they will all be sorted, inspected and shipped out on Monday. Each and every sweet little one.  And for those of you who have ordered both, I will certainly refund the difference of the shipping for mailing them together, as they were listed one different days.  
Are you as excited as I am?

So, to celebrate, let's run a sale on those sweet little things.  This weekend, all three of the rubber stamps, Patience Secret, True Friendship and We're All Ears, will be on sale for just $10 each.  That's more than a 30% discount.  You can't beat that!  
And, if you prefer the Digi stamp version of these, then you may purchase them for just $3, instead of the normal $4.  So grab them this weekend while the sale is going on.

Rubber Stamp $15  $10
Digital Stamp $4  $3

Rubber Stamp $15  $10
Digital Stamp $4  $3

Rubber Stamp $15  $10
Digital Stamp $4  $3

Oh, and don't forget to check out the newest image with Maddie, Quiet Inspiration.  She was created by request to compliment Max, in his Quiet Moments.  You'll want to pick up one or both of those while you're over there too.  They make such a fantastic pair.

As always, you'll have until 9 PM EST, Sunday, April 14th. to enjoy the sale.

Until next week, happy shopping, happy coloring and have a FABULOUS spring weekend!

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