Friday, September 20, 2013

Discount Digi & Colored Illustration Image weekend!

It's all about the witch!

Happy, Happy Friday!  And thank goodness for that.  Phew. . .I am SO ready!  Are you?  I'd bet if you could have a face to face conversation with me, you would say you are ready for the weekend as well.  Hope you have something fun planned, whether it's coloring or just relaxing.  It's gonna be a gorgeous weekend here in Virginia.  Or at least that is what the forecast shows. I'm SO ready for those fall temps.

As you will remember from my last email, I will be adding the colored images as a new option when you purchase, as many of you are looking to print the 'pre-colored' image instead of having to color it yourself.  So, when ordering, please choose the appropriate option from the drop down box. The digital images will remain, for the most part, depending on the 
extras, at $3 and the colored illustration images will be available for $5 each.  I will be recoloring some and adding them over the weekend, so be on the lookout for new additions.

From now on, when I run the digital stamp image on sale over the weekend, I will also be discounting the colored illustration as well. Each at a $1 discount.  So, be sure to check out what's on sale this weekend.  It's all about the WITCHES!  And I do LOVE all of these sweet but innocent and fun little pot stirring witches.

**Also, as a heads up, there are only 16 of the We're All Ears rubber stamps left for purchase at the bargain price of just $4.  So, you'd better grab them now, because once they are gone, they are gone for good!
As always, the sale will end at 9 PM EST, Sunday September 22nd so get on your broom and grab these little sweeties!
Please let me know if you have any questions.  Happy shopping, happy coloring, happy printing and have a great weekend.


Colored Illustration $5 $4
Digital Stamp-$3 $2

Colored Illustration-$5 $4
Digital Stamp $3 $2

Colored Illustration $5 $4
Digital Stamp $3 $2

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